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Health Care Facilities

Tel-Tec Security provides full-service, complete security systems and monitoring for health care facilities. From specialized keyless entry systems to video surveillance and off-site monitoring, we have the technology and expertise to design and install a system that meets your needs.

Ask about our keyless entry systems linked to video technology to give you a visual record of entry/exit.

System Features and Options

Tel-Tec Security’s custom-designed systems offer the best solution to meet your unique needs. All of our systems offer 24-hour monitoring, a vital link to local law enforcement and fire departments.

  • Consulting service with Covid-19 trained staff
  • System engineering/design and plans
  • Addressable fire alarm systems and repairs
  • Camera surveillance systems
  • Analytics and reporting for cameras
  • Remote monitoring service for cameras
  • Intrusion alarm with apps
  • Cloud-based, managed services with remote support
  • Identity solutions systems with remote portal access
  • Access Control, door control, keyless entry
  • Wireless and touch-free systems
  • Visitor management systems
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Month-to-month and annual service agreements
  • Preventative service agreements
  • Badging design and printers
  • Finance and leasing programs
  • Thermo temperature and face recognition systems
  • Tracking solutions to identify whoʼs accessing systems

Systems linking keyless entry to video recording – a visual record!

Because each of your employees has a different range of access, it’s important to customize entry systems and be able to quickly adapt to changing assignments, needs and conditions. Ask us about the latest in entry technology. We can design a system to meet your specific needs.

Know Your Options

Controlled Areas with Limited Access

Insuring Compliance with Privacy and Safety Policies


There are some areas of your facility where patients and visitors are not allowed. Different types of access are required for pharmacy areas, special patient areas, physician lounges, chart rooms and other areas where medical records are kept.

Let us help you comply with privacy and safety policies by designing a system to meet your needs.

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